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Here at Skin and Light Medi-Clinic, we are proud to a range of skin and beauty treatments, all aimed at getting you looking and feeling your best.

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Our Newest Treatment!

The Indermica Wrinkle Repair Treatment

The Indermica Wrinkle Repair Treatment is a relaxing, results-oriented, massage infusion technique that layers performance ingredients directly into the skin. Performed in the salon using Microderm peptide crystals, it instantly reveals a brighter, healthier, more resilient skin tone instantly.

Indermica wrinkle repair new

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Argan Fibre Lash Mascara Kit

Silk Oil of Morocco’s Argan Fibre Lash Mascara Kit instantly enhances the natural eyelash providing dramatic length and extreme volume. A revolutionary black mascara infused with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil works in synergy with tiny brush-on fibres that adhere to the eyelash. This lightweight formula is water resistant and can be re-applied multiple times until desired look is achieved.

RRP- $49.95

fibre lash mascara

Fibre Brow Enhancer

Silk Oil of Morocco’s Fibre Brow Enhancer acts as an instant brush-on brow extension. This incredible must-have beauty product is designed to fill, sculpt, thicken and define over-plucked, thinning or fair eyebrows. Tiny fibres work in conjunction with an ultra-fine coloured powder to instantly enhance the natural brow and help to achieve desired brow shape. It can be used to create a beautiful brow arch or extend brow length. Silk Fibre Brow Enhancer takes seconds to apply and can be removed easily with warm water.

Currently Stocking, Extra Light, Light, Medium


fiber brow enhancer

New Products

Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex

This advanced serum is formulated with a powerful complex of antioxidants to help protect against environmental aggressors. This potent formula helps protect against the visible signs of premature skin ageing by helping to reduce toxic free radicals and minimise their potential for causing damage.

RRP $89

Ultra UV Protective Daily Shield Mineral Defence SPF 50+

This daily shield containing 100% mineral sunscreens provides very high SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection to defend the skin against harmful UV radiation. Features innovative self-adjusting colour technology to perfectly blend into the skin. Non-greasy state-of-the-art formula.
RRP $65    


Mesostetics Post peel 1% Retinol

A precise combination of active substances significantly improves the appearance of wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity. Its retinol based formula maintains the stimulation of fibroblast while triggering collagen and elastin synthesis. 

RRP $199 


Ultra Retexturising Body Complex

This dual-action body lotion works to provide both deep exfoliation and superior hydration, dramatically improving the appearance of dull, dehydrated and coarse skin texture.

Rrp $89

ultra-body2-rvr1 results


GrandeLASH-MD is our TOP SELLING PRODUCT that is taking the beauty industry by storm! If you want the appearance of spectacular long lashes or full eyebrows naturally, GrandeLASH-MD is the right product for you. This SAFE and PROVEN formula will help to improve the appearance of your eyelashes and eyebrows in LENGTH, FULLNESS, THICKNESS and DARKNESS in only 4 to 8 weeks. Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee!

Have your brows diminished due to over-plucking, waxing or age? A beautiful, richly shaped brow can change the appearance of your face making you look years younger and more glamorous.

GrandeBROW is an eyebrow enhancing serum that promotes thicker and fuller-looking brows within 6-8 weeks. Comes with an applicator brush specially designed to deliver product to the natural shape of your brow. To achieve full results, make sure to use the entire tube which is a 4 month supply. Comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Grande brow New

Grande Brow-FILL        


GrandeBROW-FILL tinted brush-on gel adheres to your brow hair and skin to define, shape and build your brow and arches while filling in sparse areas. Fuller, well-defined brows instantly lift your eyes and give your face a more youthful appearance. its simple to apply and lasts all day! Water resistant formula, available in two shades. 


Grande LINER   

The award-winning, ultra-rich black, waterproof, long-wearing liner that promotes

longer, fuller lashes in 4-6 weeks with continual use.

Introducing the eyeliner that does double duty!

Beautifully defined eyes with one steady stroke with the precision brush tip.

Get lashes that appear thicker and longer in 4-6 weeks with Grande LINERS lash boosting ingredients.

Enhancer system
LASH OUT, give your lashes a boost with Grande Mascara!
This exclusive peptide formula includes special ingredient sympeptide 226EL to promote longer and thicker dramatic lashes. Sympeptide 226EL has been proven to significantly stimulate keratin genes for healthier, shinier lashes. When used together with GrandeLASH-MD eyelash & eyebrow formula, Grande Mascara has proven to maintain its effects of longer, thicker, darker looking lashes. Grande MASCARA provides instant extreme volume and length and healthier looking lashes. Helps maintain the effects of GrandeLASH-MD
Grande Mascara New
Look younger in just two minutes, by tightening your skin and diminishing fine lines & wrinkles. GrandeFACE Lift should be the final step in every woman’s skin care routine. It is a clear formula that dries without flaking and in two minutes erases the look of fine lines, wrinkles and pores while tightening sagging skin. Helps create a smooth complexion allowing makeup to apply evenly and stay on longer, or it can be used without any makeup to provide smooth textured skin. GrandeFACE Lift can be used anywhere on your face, including your eyelids, lips, neck and decollete/chest area for younger looking and feeling skin!
Grande facelift new
Instant plumping effect in 3-5 minutes and gives your natural lips the appearance of fuller, more youthful lips in 30 days
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